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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  January 20, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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don't be an april fool, folks. get those taxes filed. that's what's making news in america this morning. right now on eyewitness news this morning to adults and 2 children were mauled by a pack of dogs. one woman in critical condition. the latest on the victims and what may have marked the attack making. a portion of the car the parkway is open to drivers. another cold night in central florida. we are tracking a warm-up. when you will see -- feel high temperatures. ask checking weather and traffic every ten minutes it deneige broom watching the
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certified meteorologist brian shields it is chilly gets cold for sure. one of the coldest starts we've seen this winter. a freeze warning is in effect in the north western zones a lot of us below the freezing point. looking at some temperatures around. orange county, 33 and apopka. 1 degree from the freezing point. 38 winter park, winter garden stoneybrook west 34. 42 downtown orlando through oia. 39 my friends in waterford lakes. looking at temperatures 43 now and kissimmee, 42 melbourne 28 the actual air temperature in berrien county and ocala. about 36 palm coast in my friends in deland and volusia county, 32 now. at the freezing point interior sections of volusia county. mainly clear skies outside a few high clouds have been streaming in an hour southern zones. overall and i stay with mostly sunny conditions and by this afternoon some temperatures are bouncing back. it will be called the next few
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58 but then we was the 60s around. 63 at 2:00 with many of our highs today in the mid-60s but it is going to feel excellent but this afternoon. here is a look at the high area wise mims merit island sharp sierra temperatures in the mid- 60s coming up we will track temperatures county by county. one the warm-up in the next chance of rain and storms. 5:02 am. first check of the drive with deneige. >> i-4, i spotted them clear out some cones blocking two lanes. there is on the side on i-4, everything up to speed. noma construction at this point but we do have a spot of construction on the southbound before osceola parkway and one lane is blocked it should clear that out but 6:00. changes. nancy? breaking news right now in orange county we are hearing orlando.
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at a shed on for the drive west of semi. crews are on the scene now investigated we have a crew headed now and we will be good update as soon as they arrived on scene. developing this morning a woman in the hospital and critically hurt after 5 dogs attacked. questions this morning about what caused the animals to mall to -- animals to malta women and 2 children. kimberly eiten are not saying who owns the dogs. >> reporter: police are not telling us if they turned on the owner over who they belong to but they confirm this morning that officers had to shoot and kill 4 of the 5 dogs to stop the attack it took gunfire to keep 5 dogs from killing 4 people in this apartment complex pick at least one of those victims is still in hospital this morning. critically hurt.
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there are dead. killed when police opened fire to save 2 women and 2 children. >> hopefully she will be all right. >> reporter: neighbors inside stone book apartments say a family had just moved into the 3rd floor home when the dogs attacked. cameras were rolling yesterday afternoon as animal control officers led one of the dogs, the only surviving animal out of the building. they have yet to confirm its breed or it belongs to pick investigators do say that another woman and 2 boys were also hurt but will survive injuries. >> i did not know they were dogs here. i hope for them, for a quick recovery. >> reporter: officer still have not identified any of the victims. that is something we are asking police and for the bottom of the hour looking into the complexes pet policy and when neighbors say the dogs should
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live in sanford, kimberly morning. this morning people will get the chance to start driving parkway. fdo t plans to open it from mount plymouth to state route 46 near camp challenge road at any of it construction started nearly 3 years ago and cost more than $25 million. when the parkway is done it will be the first in central florida to feature all electronic tolling. investigators are working fire in the villages. take a look at the video. you can see smoke coming out of the booth on rainbow boulevard. yesterday. fire officials have not said if anyone was hurt or what may have caused the fire pit when they release more details we will bring it to you. this morning, 5 -- palm bay police hope you can find a pair of arness -- arsonist who said vehicles on fire in a driveway. take a look at this security camera footage from this morning on saturday. a cars being doused in gasoline.
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that let the vehicles went off it up is one of the suspects may have been burned during the crime. without the surveillance video on our website so you can look. go to slash videos. leaders and ultima springs have decided to repeal medical marijuana ordinance that was just put in place last month the city was first in the state to at a regulation banning words such as wheat, pot, grass and dope and the names of any medical marijuana facilities hit last night city manager met with leaders to repeal the portion of the ordinance after he said they may have stepped on first amendment rights. today state lawmakers are expected to talk about of the plan that could use her tax dollars to help teachers pay their student loans. one of the 2 proposed incentives would forgive up to $60,000 in loans for science technology engineering and math teachers. the other would extend the best and brightest scholarships.
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teachers sat or as -- att scored for teacher bonuses. >> they came up with wonderful ideas but they cannot follow through with them. they do piecemeal things, throw money at the new features that do well or the att scores that too well but they are not helping education. >> local unions we spoke with it the state could spend the money by spent -- focusing on wages. was orlando police department has release the name of a 28- year-old man who shot and killed by police officers. officers went to the courtney landing condominiums on monday night for a well-being check and when they say eric provost refused to put his gun down. they shot him. his gun turned out to be an airsoft bb gun. >> everyone there heard the gunshots. he looked dead. and they checked him and i heard them say something like is not breathing. >> police a provost father called them because he was concerned about his son. provost was arrested earlier
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from an unlocked atm. fdle is investigating the shooting and it is not connected to the earlier arrest. orange county deputies are working to figure out what led intersection of 19th and was more than one man died yesterday the deputies have not released his name. neighbors said they heard gunshots and saw a man run out and get in his car. in osceola county st. cloud is planning a zoning board approved the proposal for new development that could be built near an eagles' nest it on monday night we told you so members were fighting the plans saying the birds have lived by canoe creek road for decades. a devout -- lally development was to build 94 homes for proposed eco-landing according to plans lally would build around an eagles' nest. seminole county estate while officials are reviewing the requirement to follow the new bear ordinance for residents who live easter by 4. officials review the plan, enforcement for the people will be suspended. the requirement is to secure trash and contractions for those west of i-4 will take effect february 2. our recent cold weather has
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to once again make their way to warmer waters. this is video of some manatees gathering at loose bring state park. monday more than 250 were counted arriving at the park to whether the cold snap in the warm springs as you can see they were sticking close together. there are just too pit do see one? it is quite a sight if you go to blue spring. >> they are sneaky coalition for the homeless essential protocol this a cold night they do not turn anyone away who needed shelter. the group spent time getting like it's and pillows ready at the facility offender boulevard in downtown orlando. we also gave out coats and gloves and scarves, hats and that is for our clients as well as others from the street. >> visitors to the shelter are given like it's and they are allowed to keep them and that is what the coalition is always asking for people to donate the blankets the so important especially on ice mornings like this. 5:09 am. checking temperatures with
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>> more of them on the way this weekend. this weekend, a big chill is moving in. putting together some numbers for that and we will have that ahead and men with a right outside, lake county, 34 in the villages, 39 mineola, clermont and the citrus tower, 30 degrees pit swinging back to seminole county, 40 longwood and ultima springs lake mary toward sanford midway temperatures running in the 30s this morning send me your temperatures are finding on twitter instagram and facebook. looking at what to expect. 66 in the afternoon. we will have a lot of sunshine. it's going to be rather nice later today, once temperatures bounce up. here is a look at where we end up today for our highs. 65 titusville 67 melbourne, northern tier palm coast, 60. 64 in ocala and the villages. coming up we are going to break down friday's storm system moving in and how much colder it is going to get for the weekend. 5:10 am. checking the drive with deneige.
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construction pulling up the beach line camera. you have one lane blocked off east while they are working to clear the spot of construction. no issues. another one and i-4 colonial you can see they do have you may not be able to see it since we are covering a piece of it but you can see they are pushing traffic over one lane they should clear out by 6:00. ridesharing services like uber and lyft are back in the spotlight. requirements lawmakers propose for anyone looking to drive for the companies the changes in the volusia county school district following a state audit. the proposed plan from state lawmakers to use video
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good morning. 5:14 am. we want to be more on breaking news in orange county right now. take a look at your screen. we got this video into our newsroom of the fire in orlando. we are hearing reports that someone was killed in this fire pit it happened around 2 am this morning in a shed on form the drive west of someone boulevard. crews are on the scene now as you can see investigating the cause.
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we'll have a live report for you just as soon as they get more information. this morning, a man in orange county says running an illegal cockfighting ring. william diaz arrested doing a large bus yesterday. investigators say they found a fighting ring and agitation tools and syringes and needles to inject drugs into the animals this is the 2nd time he has been arrested for the same crime. the other time was in 2010. the orlando city planning board is given the green light to a developer to build thousands of homes on this piece of land it is a long leave the stuhr road. that was once home to a bomb range. the city did not allow development of the bombs were cleaned up from a 1943 world war ii bombing range. the city says the plan is a good one for people who live there are not sure worried private company hired by the developer to clean up the land may not be qualified. >> nobody wants to live in a community where bombs are concerned. >> the company has no track where the with the project this magnitude.
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clean a plane in the air the development could come to terms with the government on timing is couple working but the economy to do it and will build -- bill the government later a bill going through the florida legislator aims to use video cameras to help sexual assault victims report incidents sooner. children in florida are already able to testify on video but the proposed law would expand that to adult victims so they don't have to face their alleged attacker in person. advocates say on average of the victim in orange county does not report a sex crime within one month it will take them at forward. the acting u.s. secretary of education was in orlando yesterday as part of his opportunity across america tour. john king junior visited valencia college and spoke with students, teachers and parents to talk about ways to keep college affordable. and make sure all students make it to graduation day. he will continue his tour in this week. this morning people in sumter county and most of lake in marion county is once access
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>> spin a mess. national weather service in tampa says a line in the transmitter was cut yesterday. verizon fixed the issue last night. something similar happened over the weekend. during the storms that hit central florida. the national weather service says that problem was because of a technical glitch picked agency says the phone circuit that supports the orlando transmitter failed but has been repaired. the weather radio is a good source. this was just a glitch in the phone line. >> national weather service suggest having more than one information including radio, television and the internet. in sarasota, cleanup efforts continue after 2 ef 2 tornadoes hit the area. 60 homes and businesses with damages dinesh damage. sarasota county officials they damage estimates are just under $12 million. 2 people were killed, 5 hurt. the el nio season is expected to last through april which means we are likely to see more
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like we saw this past weekend. brian, you were here this weekend for all of it. >> we were tracking it. >> could have been worse here. >> let's go back to the weather radio thing really quick. good idea to have something on the back up. >> multiple sources. television is good, radio partners as well and our weather app. this has alerts. it acts as a weather radio. if there is a warning issue that will go to your phone and come to you. here's a look at what we are dealing with the daytona beach, the chill is on, 37 degrees in the bundle up, hats, gloves one of the kids want to do this morning. 27 toward marion county, ocala, 39 degrees winter park rollins orlando. back to sky lake taft on degrees tour hiawassee area, 43 in kissimmee. it is cold, wind chills making it feel colder in spots. 37 is the real field and melbourne. just a few high clouds around once we lose some of that we was see sun today.
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we need to get past the next couple of hours with the chill. by the afternoon we will have mid 60s around with mostly sunny skies. you want a light jacket but it is going to feel a lot better about this at noon. going through today, looking good with the sunshine future track this morning and through the afternoon. i want to flip over to you tomorrow. tomorrow we are looking good. here is the timeframe that by the time we hit friday, we will watch another line of rain and storms. this is going to bring blizzard like conditions to the dc area that this line of rain and storm sweeps in late in the day on friday. that brings us a big chill again by this weekend. at the beaches, seas elevator 3- 4 feet. water temperatures on the chilly side. 58-60 epic mostly sunny skies temperatures this afternoon on i spent a lot settling in the mid-60s for today. low 60s in northern sections and then tonight, chilly but not as cold. 30s and low 40s northern tier most of us running in the mid-
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possible. basically apopka north and west that is where you want to protect your plants tonight. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, after a chilly start tomorrow, up to 74. a great thursday on the way. later in the day friday, that storm system i showed you rosen with rain and thunderstorms and we will monitor that for you but 80 percent chance as that sweeps and especially the 2nd half of the day. and the weekend, high saturday and sunday in the 50s. that is it. 5:20 am. deneige. >> what we have going on is a couple spots of construction. we have westbound i-4 at colonial you can see the traffic shifting over because you have one left hand lane locked they should pick up the cones and about 30 or 40 minutes. and we have a spot of construction on the turnpike southbound before you get osceola parkway. one lane closed once again, should be wrapping it up by 6:00. jamie?
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see detours this week. asphalt study tomorrow all southbound lanes from lake avenue to be road will be closed and detours will be posted. next monday. police have released a the 71-year-old woman. the distinct markings police say will make the man is you to identify. plus a pack of dogs mauled 2 adults and 2 children in a apartment complex but we are looking into whether the dogs should have ever been there in the first place. lake county fire chief says he needs more money to get things done in the department
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mmmm, yoplait. 5:24 am. bone water alert remaining in effect for the plantation-based so division avenue deputies plane the problem and an act of vandalism. they say someone opened about 20 water spigot in undeveloped subdivision, 400,000 gallons of water spilled out creating low water pressure. the vandals could face felony charges. lake county, fire chief -- chief is asking for money to
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is $5 million to build stations but commissioners may need to consider a tax hike to pay for the 36 firefighters needed to staff the new stations but the hope is increase coverage will -- save residents money. >> orange county man is in jail this one facing charges connected to a shooting injuring an innocent delivery deputies arrested jerry brown earlier this month after a shooting on orange blossom trail and americana boulevard one of the bullets shattered the victims leg. a judge set bond at more than $25,000. yesterday prosecutors want brown to stay in jail calling him a danger to the community. developers are considering building a new hotel at the orlando sanford international airport. officials tell us there in talks with the company looking at a piece of land on airport of arctic leaders expect to release details at next month's board meeting. was orlando police are investigating dozens of car break-ins at hotels near the orlando international airport. last weekend officers responded to calls from the ramada suites and stay breached weeks.
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into in one night. the burglars smashed windows and stole items from the cars. a state audit will force changes in volusia county schools it discovered the gesture is not keep track weather custodians are actually doing the work the district pays for. officials say the contractors that employ custodians need to manage their time. eyesore gas station will finally be torn down. >> the deal reached to build something new on the land. >> reporter: 5 dogs attack for people inside this apartment complex. coming up will look into why people say the animals should not have been here at all. the chill is on along the coast and brevard county, 40 in cocoa and tort cocoa beach, satellite beach checking in at 46 but i will show you
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5:30 am a live look over downtown orlando.


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